Road Assistant Abroad

PROGRESSIVE Roadside assistance services either due to an accident or due to a mechanical breakdown outside the geographical area of Cyprus

It is important to know that your Motor Insurance Policy offers coverage for third party damages ONLY while outside the geographical area of Cyprus. This means that we do not pay for own damages to your vehicle.

Τhe roadside assistance service is not offered while outside the geographical area of Cyprus.

For your own convenience, bear in mind that the company has engaged in collaboration with external providers regarding the service of Road Assistance (at your own expense) thus before you depart, we recommend you to call +357-22758585 to inform about your intentions. You will be asked for the country of destination and the duration of your trip.

  1. In case you are involved in an accident, (within the Greek territory) regardless of your liability/negligence, you should contact IMPERIAL CLAIMS SERVICES, at the following telephone numbers, giving the details of the Insurance Company, the vehicle, and your insurance policy number.
  2. In case you are involved in an accident, (outside the Greek territory), please follow the link so that be informed regarding the contact info of our correspondents in the EU.
  3. For (1) and (2) above there is no charge.

  4. In case you will need the roadside assistance services either due to an accident or due to a mechanical breakdown, you should call +357-22758585 (Ext 2) giving the details of your vehicle, and location. 

As mentioned above your Motor Insurance policy does not provide you with free road assistance coverage outside the geographical area of Cyprus, therefore you will have to pay the cost of this service by yourself. Please note that in most cases this service is prepaid by Credit Card. In case of a service call cancellation the charge is non-refundable.

Also note, that all charges are in euros and are per towing. In case of carrying a trailer, the charge will double.

Towing charges apply from the point of loading. The below pricelist refers to supplementary services. Supplementary services are considered: Finding accommodation and/or vehicle and/or specialized workshop and/or vehicle rental office and/or repatriating a vehicle and/or securing a vehicle etc. All costs of supplementary services as well as repatriation (Ferry and toll costs) will be covered by the customer.

Vehicles ≤3.5Τ
Services Administration/Service expenses per case Additional Services/Expenses
Road Assistance and/or Accident care up to 30km 168,00 €
Road Assistance (Vehicle towing) beyond 30km  Additional 3.30€ per Km beyond 30km
Supplementary Services offered secondary to Road Assistance and/or Accident Care (Rental of a Car, Hotel Accommodation, etc)  0€ (Included  in the price of 168€) Incurred Costs. (e.g. supply of fuel)
Supplementary Services without the use of the Road Assistance or Accident Care service (Rental of a Car, Hotel Accommodation, etc) 168,00 € Incurred Costs (e.g. Spare Parts availability search and cost)
Different charges apply for Road Assistance and Accident Care in the following countries, up to 30km. (Denmark, Luxemburg, Norway, Switzerland, Iceland) 193,00 €
Repair Monitoring. Updating and briefing on the progress of vehicle repairs and/or availability and prices of spare parts.  28,60 €


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