Marine Insurance

Goods in Transit
The Insurance that follows you everywhere......

Goods are transported worldwide on a daily basis with increased frequency and volume. In Marine Cargo and Marine Transit insurance, we protect our clients from damage or loss of any goods or merchandise from the possible risks during transportation.

It is an essential tool of every business that imports, exports, or transports goods. The covers can be expanded from warehouse to warehouse during the normal transportation route.

Now you can choose one of the programs that we developed to meet the needs of each business.

  • Marine Insurance policies for the shipment of a consignment of goods.
  • Marine Annual insurance contracts: Suitable for businesses with an increased frequency of transportations. The minimum premium is based on the volume of transportations and the declarations of shipments made at agreed intervals.
  • Permanent open coverage: Insurance policy suitable for businesses with a regular flow of activity that automatically covers all specified goods, the declarations for shipments are made at agreed intervals and insurance policies and premiums charged at agreed intervals.


Progressive Insurance provides the flexibility of automatic payment of your premiums with the safety of JCC’s operational transactions.

Premiums Payment