Employers Liability

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Employer's Liability Insurance

If you employ even just one person, you will need Employers’ Liability insurance.

The Employer's Liability insurance covers the legal liability of the insured (person or company) for bodily injury, death or illness to its employees as a result of an accident during their employment, at the workplace or any other party performing the work under the guidance of their employer.

Insurance is mandatory pursuant to the Compulsory Insurance Employers' Liability Act of 1989 (174/1989) for all companies who employ staff.

The minimum limits of liability, as defined by the law are:

  • For each employee € 160,000
  • For each occurrence € 3,415,000
  • For each period of insurance € 5,125,000

The limits of liability on employer’s liability insurance can be increased according to the needs of the employer.


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